Invitation to Bid 06-2017

The United Iraqi Medical Society for Relief & Development

Bidding announcement No. 06 for 2017

The United Iraqi Medical Society for Relief & Development a civil society organization announces for a bidding announcement no. (6) For the rehabilitation of 20 health groups in Al Anbar province.

Those who have the ability and competence of specialists should submit their bids according to the following conditions:  

  1. Financial and technical offers will be submitted from 3:00 pm on Wednesday 23/8/2017 until 5:00 pm on Wednesday 30/8/2017.
  2. All bids shall be valid for one week from the closing date of the tender.
  3. Signing all the pages of the submitted offers and before filing them in the tender box.
  4. All bids shall be deposited in the fund allocated to them at the headquarters of the association located in Baghdad Governorate / Mansour / Mahala 609 Zaqaqq 8 House No. 18.
  5. The name of the bidder, the name of the person making the bid, the date of deposit and the signature in the form prepared for this purpose, which will be close to the bidder’s deposit box.
  6. All offers are offered in USD (US Dollar).
  7. All bids containing errors in calculations shall be excluded in quantities or prices.
  8. All offers shall be submitted in sealed and sealed conditions by the bidder, indicating the name and number of the tender.
  9. Payment shall be made to the winning supplier after completion of the processing or execution and in accordance with the terms agreed with the Organization and under the contract to be organized and signed.
  10. The full name of the bidder and its contact information (telephone, e-mail) and full address of the bidder’s official address.
  11. The tender process will be conducted by a committee formed by members of the organization and under administrative orders at the tenth of the day following the closing of the tender and if an official holiday is observed, the next working day shall be the date of opening the tender..
  12. The contracting party is not obliged to accept the lowest bids.
  13. The bidder shall bear all the fees of publication and advertisement for the last announcement of the tender.
  14. For more information or to inquire about the subject of the tender, please call (07835099295) or email (
  15. Attachments / schedule of the inspection of the rehabilitation and rehabilitation of 20 health groups.

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