Medical conference in Basra

UIMS and the Organization of life (life) and funded by the Research Triangle Institute RTI

Held of a medical conference in Basra province for the period of 23.3 until 25.3.2004 titled better health for the new IraqWere invited representatives of the Directorates Health of 18 provinces in addition to representatives of the Ministry of Health where they discussed the development of the health situation in Iraq after the events of 2003 and how to promote and improve the health situation of Iraq to provide the best services for the Iraqi People

Conference participation was more than 200 participants and held workshops for 3 days and distributed certificates to participation with the detailed book the events of the conference with a CD for each participant

as well as handover detailed report with CD to the Minister of Health of Iraq for the outcome of the conference and communicate with the Iraqi Ministry of Health to implement the decisions of the conference approved by the participants

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