A delegation of the (UIMS) visits the regional office of the World Health Organization in Cairo

The delegation of the United Iraqi Medical Society  for Relief and Development (UIMS)headed by Dr. Ahmed Mushrif Al-Heety, while he was in Cairo in Egypt, visited the Regional Office of the World Health Organization(WHO) in the Middle East, and was  welcomed by Dr. Ahmed Al-Mandhari, the Regional Director of WHO, where the President of our organization, Dr. Ahmed Al-Heety, offered his sincere condolences to Al-Mandhari on the death of  the workers of the World Health Organization in Afghanistan and we  shared this great loss to the World Health OrganizationWhere the two parties exchanged talks about the health conditions in the region and about our projects and activities ,For his part, Al-Mandhari praised the work of UIMS and expressed his support for our organization in implementing its health programs and the continuity of fruitful cooperation between the two organizations to develop the health reality in Iraq and provide the best health services to the citizen  Iraq, in cooperation with the Iraqi Ministry of Health.

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