Invitation to Bid 04-2017

The United Iraqi Medical Society for Relief & Development

Bidding announcement No. 04 for 2017

The United Iraqi Medical Society for Relief & Development a civil society organization announces for a bidding announcement no. (4) For medical drug supply according to the list attached with the announcement.

For those who find the ability and competence of specialists submit their bids for the processing of the drugs, which are listed according to the following conditions:

  1. The financial and technical offers begin from the 9:00 o’clock on Tuesday 03/07/2017 up to the 5:00 o’clock on Monday, 13/03/2017.
  2. All the offers will be completed for 30 days from the tender closing date.
  3. The validity period of the drugs will be not less than one year from the date of processing.
  4. Sign all pages of the bids submitted before deposited in tender box.
  5. All bids should be deposited in the account at the headquarters of (UIMS) that is located in Baghdad / Mansour / province locality of 609 St. 8 House No. 18.
  6. The provider of he tenders should be submitted and the name of the person who deposited the tender and the date and signature in the form which is prepared for this purpose. It would be close to the deposit fund bidding.
  7. Provide previews insurance of (2,000,000) only two Iraqi million dinars under certified check for a period, which is not than less than 30 days from the closing date or cash deposited with the Organization Fund on the same day of deposit tender in the tender box.
  8. All tenders should be in dinars.
  9. Supplying should be according to the agreement with the management of the organization, according to the actual need.
  10. All bids that have errors in calculations in the quantities or prices will be rejected,  which may be itching and write-offs and neglected to ensure that.
  11. All performances sealed conditions by the bidder and an indication of the tender name and number.
  12. Payments are equipped to the winner after the completion of processing, according conditions agreed with the organization and under the contract, which will organize and sign.
  13. The supplier should compliance with the requirements the contract specifications and compliance materials or services required, otherwise the entire material will be rejected.
  14. The reference to the bidder full name and contact information (phone, email) with a statement of its own full title to the official headquarters of the bidder.
  15. Tender closes promptly at (fifth) o’clock in the evening on Monday, corresponding to 13/03/2017, and then does not accept any tender.
  16. the process of opening of the tenders will be conducted by a committee formed by members of the Organization and under administrative orders promptly at (10:00) am on the day following the auction to close, and if encountered an official holiday is the official working day, the next date of the tender opening.
  17. Hired side is not bound to accept the lowest bids.
  18. The winner of the tender bears of all wages publication and announcement of the last announcement of the tender.
  19. For more information or to inquire about the subject of the auction, please call the telephone No. (07835099295) or email (
  20. The attachment / list names of medicines and their specifications required quantities.

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