The Governor of Anbar welcomes the President of the United Iraqi Medical Society for Relief and Development

August 28, 2023
Dr. Ali Farhan Al-Dulaimi, the Governor of Anbar, extended a warm welcome to Dr. Ahmed Mushrif Al-Heeti, the President of the United Iraqi Medical Society for Relief and Development. The meeting took place in the Governor’s office, where the two dignitaries engaged in discussions. The primary focus of their conversation was on the Hatem application projects (The National Donation Platform), specifically the “Iraq Sacrifices Project” where a land measuring 50 thousand square meter had been allocated within the Anbar Governorate for the establishment of this project.

During the meeting, Governor Al-Dulaimi expressed his gratitude for the humanitarian initiatives undertaken by the organization. These projects had significantly contributed to the local government’s efforts to restore stability in the region. The Governor conveyed his readiness to provide support for the organization’s ongoing and future projects. He specifically highlighted the significance of the Hatem application projects, emphasizing their potential to serve the Iraqi citizens at large.

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