TOR – M&E Manager

 Position: M&E Manager

 Location: Baghdad

Reports to: Monitoring & Evaluation

Contract Type: Full time

UIMS Description:

The United Iraqi Medical Society for Relief and Development (UIMS) is one of the  active civil organizations in Iraq, a non-governmental organization dealing with humanitarian, health, relief, development and charitable affairs, regardless of race, color, religion and cultural background. Officially registered with the Non-Governmental Organizations Directorate, General Secretariat for the Council of Ministers under the number (IZ1615).

Since the establishment of our organization on 21/05/2003 and as a result of conditions experienced by Iraq, UIMS introduced a lot of humanitarian aids and contributed in support of health institutions with basic needs, medical supplies and medicines; supported families afflicted and affected from war and disasters

Shared in the process of rehabilitation of governmental hospitals and health centers, and the establishment of new health centers through their branches and offices in Iraq. UIMS was able to provide medical and relief assistance to refugees and IDPs all over Iraq. In addition to its outstanding work all over the last period, UIMS keen to expand its activities and efforts inside and outside Iraq.

In addition, UIMS is an a implementer partner with UNHCR, WHO, UNICEF, UNFPA, OCHA, RI.

UIMS is looking for a qualified M&E Manager to handle prepare, to monitor and evaluate results and impacts.

Terms of Reference

Projects Monitoring and Evaluation

Introduction /background

The Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) policy at the project level in UIMS has four objectives:

  1. to monitor and evaluate results and impacts;
  2. to provide a basis for decision making on necessary amendments and improvements;
  3. to promote accountability for resource use; and
  4. to document, provide feedback on, and disseminate lessons learned.

General scope of the job

The M&E specialist is responsible for guiding the overall M&E strategy and implementation of related activities within the projects and vis a vis partners, plus providing timely and relevant information to projects managers and project stakeholders. This requires close coordination and communication with: projects directors, steering committee representatives, representatives from primary stakeholder groups, external consultants and field staff when appropriate, as well as members of external M&E-related missions.

Critical tasks for the M&E specialist are setting up the M&E system and ensuring it is implemented efficiently and effectively.  The M&E system will be based on the projects logframe and the projects M&E plans and will build as much as possible upon existing M&E mechanisms and systems among key stakeholders by the key stakeholders

The M&E specialist will report directly to the Project Director or Program Manager according to level of selection.

Main tasks and responsibilities

I. Setting up the system.

Develop the overall framework for project M&E in accordance to the project document M&E plan.

  • Conduct readiness assessment regarding M&E. What are the incentives at the system level, which are the beneficiaries, what is the existing capacity?
  • Guide and coordinate the review of the project logframe including:
  • Provide technical advice for the revision of performance indicators
  • Ensure realistic intermediate and end-of-project targets are defined
  • Conduct a baseline study (situation at project start)
  • Identify sources of data, collection methods, who collects data, how often, cost of collection and who analyzes it.
  • Ensure all critical risks are identified
  • Identify the core information needs of central project management, the steering committee (or similar body), funding agencies and the cooperating institution.
  • Identify the requirements for collecting baseline data, prepare terms-of-reference for and arrange the conduct of a baseline survey, as required.
  • Clarify M&E responsibilities of different project personnel.
  • Contribute to the development of the Annual Work Plan, ensuring alignment with project strategy, agreement on annual targets and inclusion of M&E activities in the work plan.
  • Prepare detailed M&E budget
  • Prepare calendar of M&E activities
  • Identify other M&E staff that the project needs to contract. Guide recruitment.

II. Implementation of M&E

Oversee and execute M&E activities included in the Annual Work Plan, with particular focus on results and impacts as well as in lesson learning.

  • Based on the AWP and in particular the program budgets, design the framework for the physical and process monitoring of project activities
  • Promote a results-based approach to monitoring and evaluation, emphasizing results and impacts. 
  • Coordinate the preparation of all project reports. Guide staff and executing partners in preparing their progress reports in accordance with approved reporting formats and ensure their timely submission. This includes quarterly progress reports, annual project report, inception report, and ad-hoc technical reports.
  • Prepare consolidated progress reports for project management including identification of problems, causes of potential bottlenecks in project implementation, and providing specific recommendations.
  • Check that monitoring data are discussed in the appropriate forum (such as the annual tripartite review meeting[1]) and in a timely fashion in terms of implications for future action. If necessary, create such discussion forums to fill any gaps.
  • Undertake regular visits to the field to support implementation of M&E and to identify where adaptations might be needed.
  • Foster participatory planning and monitoring by training and involving primary stakeholder groups in the M&E of activities.
  • Prepare draft TORs for mid-term and final evaluation in accordance to UIMS guidance.
  • Facilitate, act as resource person, and join if required any external supervision and evaluation missions.
  • Monitor the follow up of evaluation recommendations
  • Identify the need and draw up the TORs for specific project studies. Recruit, guide and supervise consultants or organisations that are contracted to implement special surveys and studies required for evaluating project effects and impacts.
  • Organise (and provide) refresher training in M&E for project and implementing partner staff, local organisations and primary stakeholders with view of developing local M&E capacity.

III. Lessons learned

Design and implement a system to identify, analyze, document and disseminate lessons learned.

  • Consolidate a culture of lessons learning involving all project staff and allocate specific responsibilities.
  • Ensure that ToR for consultants recruited by the project also incorporate mechanisms to capture and share lessons learned through their inputs to the project, and to ensure that the results are reflected in the reporting system described above.
  • Document, package and disseminate lessons not less frequently than once every 12 months.
  • Facilitate exchange of experiences by supporting and coordinating participation in any existing network of UIMS projects sharing common characteristics.  These networks would largely function on the basis of an electronic platform but could also entail other methods and tools such as workshops, teleconferences, etc.
  • Identify and participate in additional networks, for example scientific or policy-based networks that may also yield lessons that can benefit project implementation.

Qualifications and experience required

Generally speaking, suitable candidates should have a degree in a field related to development and/or management and experience in field research.

At least several years of proven experience with:

  • The logical framework approach and other strategic planning approaches;
  • M&E methods and approaches (including quantitative, qualitative and participatory);
  • Planning, design and implementation of M&E systems;
  • Training in M&E development and implementation and/or facilitating learning-oriented analysis sessions of M&E data with multiple stakeholders;
  • Data and information analysis
  • Report writing.

She/He must also have:

  • A solid understanding of environmental management, with a focus on participatory processes, joint management, and gender issues;
  • Familiarity with and a supportive attitude towards processes of strengthening local organisations and building local capacities for self-management;
  • Willingness to undertake regular field visits and interact with different stakeholders, especially primary stakeholders;
  • Computer skills;
  • Leadership qualities, personnel and team management (including mediation and conflict resolution);
  • Language skills as required.


  • Knowledge of the focal area in which the project operates;
  • Understanding of UIMS procedures;
  • Experience in data processing and with computers.

All applicants must submit their resumes to the Email (, please mention (M&E Manager) in the subject of your email and you can include your CV with a cover letter. Closing date will be July 7th 2016

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