The World Health Organization launches a program of awareness sessions about the methods of prevention against COVID-19 over to international airports and ports borders in Iraq

With the support and supervision of the World Health Organization and implementation of the United Iraqi Medical Society for Relief and development in cooperation with the National Operations Center – Office of the prime minister and the government of the Kurdistan region and all the relevant ministries and border crossings and international airports started awareness sessions about the ways of prevention and use the latest equipment and scientific methods to combat COVID-19 and raising awareness among staff of the airports and how to deal with passengers and cargo, as it will host the meeting of the international airports in Baghdad, Najaf, Basra, Erbil and Sulaymaniyah in addition to all border crossings with neighboring countries which are eight borders. experts from the World Health Organization will manage meetings in addition to our organization distributing awareness messages, the awareness sessions will continue from 18/August/2020 to 20/September/2020.

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