The National Campaign Against COVID-19 Iraq-2020

In order to complete the success achieved in the national campaign to against COVID-19 in Baghdad and the southern provinces (Dhi Qar, Maysan, Wasit, Basra) and in the Kurdistan region (Sulaymaniyah province) with the support of the World Health Organization and in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Environment and the Ministry of Interior – community police and offices of the governors and with implementation by UIMS, under the slogan SAHHATAK AMANATK, the national campaign to against COVID-19 in Iraq was launched in the provinces (Diyala, Salah al-Din, Anbar). The campaign targets some areas in those provinces which recorded the highest number of infections, as the campaign  targeted more than a million citizens through mobile teams and awareness messages through leaflets distributed to citizens and voice messages through loudspeakers in the organization’s mobile medical clinics, and the dissemination of audio and televised messages through radio and satellite channels, and the campaign will focus on four main goals to prevent the emerging corona virus, which are (Wearing a mask, washing hands with soap and water or any alcohol sanitizer, social distancing And finally, to refute the rumors, spread the spirit of hope, and extract information about the pandemic from the competent official health authorities in Iraq. ).

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