National campaign against COVID-19 disease Iraq-2020

With the supportive of World health organization (WHO) and cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Environment (MOH) and the organizational matter of the United Iraqi Medical society for relief and development (UIMS) , under the  guise of (your health is a trust in your hand),

 The national campaign against COVID-19 in Iraq started in the capital Baghdad for an entire month from 29/6/2020 – 27/7/2020 and it will be in ten districts in Baghdad with five districts in Alkhark side ( Alhuriya, Alshula, Hay Alamel  , Al Amiriya and Aldora)

Alrusafa side ( Sader city  ,Alshab, Baghdad aljededa and Alzafaraneya )

Which is consider one of the most regions that has highly virus infection , as the campaign will started with more than 5 million citizens (Beneficiaries) through the movable team & brochures of awareness  that will give to our citizen ( Beneficiaries) and the voice message through the loud speakers in the movable medical clinic of our organization( UIMS) and also through movable plasma and audio and message through  radio , satellite channels as well as the message from the mosques and husayniat .

The campaign will be on four main goal for the prevention against COVID-19 ( wearing mask  , washing hands with soap and water , alcoholic sanitizer, for social distant , dispel the rumors , spread the spirit of hope and take the information about pandemic from the official clinic health authorities in Iraq)

The mask will be given to our citizen (Beneficiaries )and the way they should wear it will be explained by our team

Sader city by the Rusafa side was the first to be targeted by the national campaign against COVID-19 & it lasted for three days in ( Alfalah street , Section 55 and Alhabebieya ), Other area will come later  .              

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