Invitation to Bid 07-2017

The United Iraqi Medical Society for Relief & Development, invites the Hospitals and Medical states in (Baghdad, Holly Najaf, Holly Karbala, Kirkuk) to offer there bidding to provide the list in Medical services:

  1. Laboratory services.
  2. Consultation Services.
  3. Emergency services.
  4. Addmition services (Patient, partner).
  5. Surgical services.
  6.  Other services.

The offer of financial & technical offers begins on Monday 18/9/2017 to 3:00 PM on Monday 2/10/2017

Bidding Conditions

  1. All prices should be offered by IQD.
  2. In case of any calculative errors of prices numbers, the bidding should be excluded.
  3. The bidding should be offered within a closed envelope signed by the provider, indicated the name & number of bidding.
  4. The offer expiry should not be less than end of the year at 31/12/2017.

The closing date of this bidding will be at the end of the formal work time on Wednesday 27/9/2017 and the offers should be delivered within closed envelope signed by each provider & should be offered in the bidding box at the organization office at Baghdad – Al Mansour – 609/8/18.

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