Invitation to Bid 004-2016

The United Iraqi Medical Society invite Food suppliers to introduce their Financial and technical offers to provide foodstuffs packages as (food parcels)  in amount of (9600) parcels according the details in the schedule below and to the benefit of the United Iraqi Medical Society for Relief and Development. BID delivery will be opened during the period from Monday 02/06/2016 until Sunday 3.00 pm 12/6/2016.   

Information to bidders:

  1. All offers should be submitted in US American Dollar.
  2. In case of any calculation error in the pricing of the offer, it will be considered as a disqualified offer and the bidder will be notified via an official letter.
  3. Offers shall be submitted in one stamped and sealed envelope by the supplier and the envelope should contain the financial report of the supplier.
  4. The offer will be valid (at least) for three months.
  5. Food parcels must be delivered to the location in parts or installments, Whole amount shall be divided into a period of six months from the start day of the campaign in 1-7-2016 and you will be informed about the amount and the date of each campaign previously to make you provide it in the meantime.
  6. The second party shall supply food parcels in accordance with the conditions, specifications, as stated in the attached appendix if the food parcels are not identical to the agreed specifications, then they will be rejected and the second party should provide other food parcels according to the specifications agreed upon, and the second party shall be charged with all additional costs including the delay and late charges.
  7. The party shall provide a certificate that the material approved by The Central Organization second for standardization and quality control (COSQC)
  8. The submitted offer must contain the unit price of the food parcel (price of one food parcel) according to the specifications mentioned in the schedule also must be well stuffed in a good quality carton and well-sealed and also must be loaded carefully to the transporting truck from the warehouse.
  9. If the Second Party breach the terms of the contract,  the First Party has the right to terminate the contract while the second party does not have the right to make an objection to the method of execution as contrary to contract rules and bear all the consequences of administrative, financial and legal because of it
  10. The second party shall provide performance bank guarantee worth 5% of the amount of the contract. The bank guarantee shall be irrevocable, unconditional, and payable on demand and shall be issued by one of Iraqi banks or foreign banks acceptable to the first party. Then will be returned to the second party after he fulfills the terms of the contract and after the end of the supplying period which is 7 days after the end date of the contract.
  11. Follows the second party delaying fine of $500 for each delaying day and not more than 10% of the total cost of the contract.
  12. Closing date will be on 12/6/2016 and after (10) days from the announcement date. All offers shall be submitted in one stamped and sealed envelope to the bidding box inside the location of UIMS in Mansour/ Sec 609, St. 8, House # 18. And from outside of Iraq you can send it to the e-mail address
  13. For further information please contact 009647707779931.

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